Curiosity is king.

That ragged edge right on the limit of what you know and what you don't.
That is where creativity happens.

Some people think creativity is king. I believe curiosity is king. The constant desire to challenge, learn and improve creates rich and productive environments for projects to come to life. This methodology strives at the intersection of art and technology and required me to master a multitude of skills and ultimately earned me the moniker of “the most specialized generalist.”


How I Work

My clients seek to have the singular vision, refined aesthetic, and efficiency that comes from an individual artist but also expect the caliber of quality as what you would get from a post production company or ad agency. I deliver on that expectation by leaning on my 8 years of agency experience and studio-like discipline. This drives a client focused experience and delivers award winning projects that meet strategic goals.


Since graduating in 2009 with a BA in Arts and Technology, I have been working with cutting edge - agency of the year - ad agencies for the last 8 years to create award-winning work for Fortune 100 clients like Walmart, ConAgra, P&G, Verizon, Marvel, Nestle Global, Phillips 66, Southwest Airlines and more. I have also worked with clients on various entertainment projects such as Hampton's International Film Festival select Bob Birdnow, American Idol finalist Tim Halperin and Sub Pop Records The Baptist Generals. From broadcast, digital programming, feature film and virtual reality, I pride myself in bringing traditional storytelling techniques to the constantly changing omni-channel world we live in today.

So... how do we work together?

Looking to tell your story in an authentic, beautiful way? Go check out some of my service offerings and see if we are a fit. Like what you see? Shoot me a message so we can start collaborating on your next project!

Looking for support for your team? Let’s talk about how I can bring my creative vision and love for the craft to your company. Give me a shout.