At the core, it's all about great storytelling. From script to screen you can rest assured your vision will come to life. Having a broad set of skills isn't just great for conversation starters - it helps me realize a concept by leveraging a deep understanding of every process involved. It is the intersection of artistic vision and technical know-how.

Motion Graphics


One of the most exciting things is to breathe life into artwork. Building micro universes with rich environments and charismatic characters has always been a passion of mine. The 12 principles of animation and a strong graphic design foundation act as the guiding light in all of my projects.


I have had a camera in my hand ever since I was a young child. From my first 35mm stills cameras to the RED EPIC cameras I shoot on today, my eye has been refined with the creation and curation of countless exposures. The interplay of light and dark calls to me. I am also equally a technical cinematographer - thinking about the color pipeline and post requirements every time the camera fires up.

Color Timing

Color science is ... well ... a science. LUTs, color profiles and gamma - oh my! Making a shot look beautiful is equal parts artistry and arithmetic. Leaning on my degree in Arts and Technology helps me wade through the deep waters of color grading to ensure every shot lives up to it's potential. Like all disciplines - it should always be about the story and color offers another opportunity to weave the narrative and aesthetic choices together.  

3D Animation

Modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering sit comfortably on my tool belt thanks to my training as a 3D animator. It's my secret weapon for creating photorealistic physically based CGI and animation. Versed in Autodesk Maya and VRay I use 3D to realize projects from complex VFX to stylized animations.


Virtual Reality

We stand at an interesting moment in time for filmmaking. The availability of virtual reality technology for the masses means, for the first time, we can create truly immersive experiences that challenge our expectations of what storytelling looks like. Without hesitation I dove headfirst into this innovative new technology, taking clients along for the rife into this exciting new medium.




The heartbeat of the piece.

Editorial locks your attention on what is important and guides you through the narrative.