Disaster Response Truck

When Banfield set out to build a response vehicle specifically for helping animals, I used an innovative medium to tell their story.


This first step was to create a photorealistic version of the truck. Using a ton of reference images and Maya I modeled the trailer in 3D. This included creating a realistic interior so that viewers could explore and learn more about the capabilities of the vehicle.


After the truck was designed I started sketching out various environments that would set the tone for the type of settings the DRT would be in. I landed on an environment that resembled a washout caused by a recent flood. The aesthetic was loose enough though that it could be implied that it was any type of natural disaster. 


With a custom designed 3D asset ready to be deployed on SketchFab, the team at Rockfish designed a custom landing page for the content to live on. 




Banfield Pet Hospital


Rockfish Digital


Isaac Murray


Heather Norton

3D Modeling

Isaac Murray

Texturing & Shading

Isaac Murray

Lighting & Rendering

Isaac Murray

Audio Post Production

Brad Dale

Tools Used

Autodesk Maya 2018
Chaos Group V Ray
Substance Painter