Curiosity is king.

Great brands deserve to work with people that genuinely care about their success.

By being humble, collaborative, and endlessly optimistic, we create the ideal conditions for creativity to prosper.

We create thoughtfully art-directed visuals that are as creatively compelling as they are successful in their strategic goals.

Great ideas thrive on substance, strategy, and positivity. A belief that requires exploration and collaboration. The constant desire to challenge, learn and improve creates rich and productive environments for projects to come to life.

How I Work

I believe great products deserve success, collaboration fuels creativity, and curiosity is king. This blend of care, collaboration and curiosity lay the groundwork for great storytelling.

A rare blend of multidisciplinary knowledge and creative vision allows me to turn-key productions of all types. Clients get the benefits of working with an independent Director while getting the production caliber and capabilities of a studio.

Most importantly, I believe in being humble and collaborative. I think we all bring expertise to the table and will ultimately create better work in a positive environment. This drives a client-focused experience and delivers award-winning projects that meet strategic goals.

Brands I’ve worked with



Since graduating in 2009 with a BA in Arts and Technology, I have been working with cutting edge - agency of the year - ad agencies for the last 8 years to create award-winning work on great Fortune 500 brands like Walmart, Ford, Samsung, Verizon, Phillips 66, IBM, P&G, Marvel, Nestle, MARS, Coca Cola, Southwest Airlines, Unilever, ConAgra, General Mills, and many more. I worked my way up from graphic designer to director before I decided to venture out on my own.

In 2017 I went solo and started my own company, Isaac Murray Studios. My goal was to create a full-service creative studio that puts clients goals first. I believe being humble and collaborative makes the work better and that we all create better work in a positive environment. This client-focused experience has helped me deliver creatively compelling projects that also meet strategic goals. Since starting my own company, I have been honored to continue to work with Fortune 500 companies like Uber, Metro by T-Mobile, iRobot, Southwest Airlines, Goodyear, McAfee, MoneyGram, and many more.

From broadcast, digital programming, feature film, and virtual reality, I pride myself in bringing traditional storytelling techniques to the continually changing omnichannel world we live in today.