My design-driven aesthetic and technical know-how help bring projects of all types to life.



Great storytelling is rooted in substance and strategy. A belief that requires that I ask questions, try new approaches and innovate. By taking the time to fully understand the business requirements I am able to target the creative to address the specific needs of your video marketing campaign. This drives a client-focused experience and delivers award-winning projects that meet strategic goals.

Concept Development.jpg

Concept Development

Once the video strategy has been determined I then serve as the creative director - developing a concept that achieves your marketing goals while also being creative and relevant. This consists of a few stages.



During the treatment phase, I present high-level concepts based on the video brief. This collaborative process allows us to narrow in on the idea that works best for the project.



Working hand in hand with your team I write a script that is both optimized for success in-market as well as engaging for the viewer.



With the script in hand, I now focus on creating the visual flow and framing of the video with the storyboards.

Look Development.jpg

Look Development

Once all of the strategy and concept development are complete I begin work on the look development. This stage of the project involves designing the characters and environments, developing the color palette and creating a few fully executed style frames. The format can range from illustration, 3D renders, or photographs.

Live Action.jpg

Live Action

Whether it’s an interview for a brand documentary that requires a lean and nimble team or a broadcast commercial with a small army of crew, I provide my characteristic calm and creative leadership on set. When directing live-action video projects I leverage my relationship as a roster director with Southern Sky Films to access a wide range of production resources allowing me to scale to meet the unique needs of each project.



One of the unique services I provide my clients is pre-visualization, or “PreViz”. With my background in computer animation, I am able to create a rough 3D animation version of the live action commercial. This allows for creative exploration and technical planning during pre-production as opposed to on set, where experimentation can become costly.