Creative and execution working hand-in-hand.

Throughout my career, I nurtured my insatiable urge to learn more and pursued a variety of skill sets.

This rare blend of technical know-how combined with creative vision allows me to lead productions and create them. Essentially, a creative studio of one.

I believe projects thrive on the creative team working in tandem with the production team. My ability to creative direct and create the work means every conversation is a simultaneous discussion with the director, animator, editor, colorist, and audio engineer. That means fewer misunderstandings and more time spent on making the creative stellar.


Creative Direction

At the core of every great story lies vision and craft. Creativity doesn’t materialize out of a void though. I firmly believe it takes a concerted effort, candor, and curiosity to arrive at the core story of every project. By asking questions and learning about your brand I develop strategy-driven creative.



One the most effective ways to communicate complex ideas is through animation. The essence of the format requires objects to be distilled to their most compelling forms. Above all, I strive to design rich environments and charismatic characters guided by the 12 principles of animation. Whether its motion graphics explainers, cel animation, or 3D product demos - animation is one of the core services I provide.

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Editorial & Post

A great story without great delivery falls flat. Great editing locks your attention on what is important and guides you through the narrative. This along with attention to detail on music, visual effects, voice over, and color timing are what set a project apart - and are a fundamental part of the workflow on my projects.


3D Rendering

Modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering sit comfortably in my tool belt thanks to my focus in college on computer animation. It's my secret weapon for creating photorealistic projects ranging from animation, product renderings, motion graphics, VR/AR assets, and visual effects.


Color grading offers another opportunity to weave the artistic choices into the narrative. But making a shot look beautiful is equal parts artistry and arithmetic. Leaning on my degree in Arts & Technology and years of experience helps me wade through the deep waters of color science to ensure every shot lives up to its potential.

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We stand at an exciting time for filmmaking.  Immersive experiences such as mixed reality challenge our expectations of what storytelling looks like while new distribution platforms pop up every week. I am constantly evolving my skill sets to include innovative technology, taking clients along for the ride into exciting new mediums.