The Lung Institute (Directors Cut)

I partnered with Publicis to direct a broadcast commercial designed to cut through the category clutter and give COPD suffers a ray of hope.

Taking a breath is something we take for granted, but for the nearly 3 million people that live with COPD - a condition that makes it difficult to breathe - this simple action can define their lifestyle.  


To create the claustrophobic feeling of being short of breath, the spot opens on a very long uninterrupted shot. Meanwhile, the frame begins to shrink around the lead actor. This combined with the use of desaturated and low key lighting hints at the feelings associated with this restrictive condition. 

This drab aesthetic eventually gives way to a brighter, richer color palette as our patient begins to be able to participate in their favorite activities again.


My experience as an animator allowed me to plan out each shot in advance using a technique called previz. This became an incredibly useful tool for communicating ideas as well as planning for logistics. For example, by creating the opening shot in 3D, I knew everything from how large the bookshelf needed to be to frame the subject to how long of a dolly track the room needed to be able to accommodate.




The Lung Institute


Publicis Hawkeye


Isaac Murray

Production Company

Southern Sky Films


Zach Bush
Kent Bishop
Ray Courtin

Creative Directors

Gary Hawthorne
Jeff Huser

Director of Photography

Andrew Hajek


Republic Editorial

Colorist (DC)

Isaac Murray

Motion Graphics

Isaac Murray

Audio Post (DC)

Dallas Audio Post

Original Music (DC)

Brad Dale

Tools Used

Arri Alexa XST
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
DaVinci Resolve 12

(DC) - Directors Cut