Amazon Product Detail Page Hero Image

Unilever A+ Content

E-Commerce is becoming one of the primary ways that brands connect with the consumers and as a result, requires a custom tailored experience for online shoppers.

For Unilever, I created an abundance of creative assets to populate various product landing pages on Amazon. The specially designed content quickly and succinctly educated shoppers about the key feature benefits of the products.


Product 3D Renders


By creating photorealistic 3D products I empowered the creative team to create seemingly endless hero shots for the Amazon product detail pages.

With such a large portfolio of products, custom photography would prove too cost prohibitive. Instead, I offered photorealistic CG models as a way to still be able to create custom imagery that integrated perfectly into the bespoke modules. 

When the need arose for additional imagery, macro shots of bottle pumps, or lighting changes to match a photo background - I could quickly adjust the 3D files and provide more imagery.

Dove Men Care 3D Render
AxeClassicPomade 3D Render

Features Benefits Videos


In addition to static imagery, I also created mobile-optimized videos to speak to the main feature benefits and key brand values.

This consisted of bite-sized videos and cinemagraphs for Dove and an animated explainer video describing the benefits of Unilever's Subscribe and Save program.








Isaac Murray


Heather Norton

Creative Director

John Jacobsen

Motion Graphics

Isaac Murray

3D Modeling

Isaac Murray
Odin Vancza

3D Lighting & Rendering

Isaac Murray
Odin Vancza


Isaac Murray


Isaac Murray

Audio Post Production

Dallas Audio Post

Original Music

Brad Dale

Sound Design & Mix

Brad Dale

Tools Used

Autodesk Maya 2017
VRay 3.4
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
DaVinci Resolve 12